Bespoke colour services, beautiful hairdressing

Two Birds is a story 10 years in the making, a dream realised in the form of a boutique beauty salon tucked away on the corner of Bourke and Russel Street.

Two Birds is about living comfortably, happily, active and in the moment, and bringing out these values in the form of gorgeous up-to-date hair and beautiful make up– to look and feel our best everyday.

Our product rangeis among the best in the market, most notably the Shiseido line from Japan, to ensure pristine results at affordable prices.

We build our brand around an enjoyable, comfortable experience that our clients can look forward to and hope to establish a long lasting relationship with the people of Melbourne.

At Two Birds, we want you to look beautiful chasing your dreams as we chase ours: making an impact on Melbourne with our philosophy byexpanding and evolving our range of services for our clients.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to discover as well ascollaborating with designers and fashion shows, photo shoots and modelling events.

We see ourselves offering more style and makeover services to clients in the future, together with exciting workshops for make up and styling.